This elegant wine pourer also aerates while you pour. Aeration is the process that allows oxygen to freely mix with a wine, enhancing the aroma and flavor. Traditionally the process was time consuming and costly, with Menu Selection Pourer and Aerator, all it takes is a single pour to unleash the true natural flavors of your favorite wines. With Host's variable aeration, you can perfectly aerate anything from your lightest Pinot Noir to your most robust Bordeaux while you pour. Just attach it on your bottle, pour and enjoy. Raise your glass in a toast with "Host". The Host instant aerator enhances any wine by softening tannins and releasing flavor, all with the tilt of your bottle. Steep tilt: stronger aeration for white wines. Attaches to your wine bottle with an airtight sealModerate tilt: for tannic, red wines. Shallow tilt: for light-bodied reds. Measures approximately 5.75" long. and comes in an attractive clear gift box

Host Wine Aerator