Marilyn Slattery


I began teaching decorative painting in my home after taking many local art classes.  I knew I was hooked!  My first class of students (my children, nieces, nephews, and a neighbor or two) sat at my kitchen table.  We had a great time, and they left with a finished masterpiece and a tummy full of treats!

Those students signed up for more classes.  Their parents came for the adult classes.  Friends and family of parents came.  The word spread and very soon my classes grew in size and number. What I discovered was that I loved to teach and that I needed my students as much as they needed me.

Exploring my medium further I put paint on all surfaces including wood, glass, concrete, and metal.  I used to say I’d paint anything that didn’t move until I was asked to paint a camp bus for the Lincoln Police Department.  The most unusual surfaces have been an ostrich egg and a turtle shell.  Wall murals, lettering, and participating in local shows excited me about the limitless possibilities in art.

I loved my in-home studios; being able to paint, teach, and most of all be home for my family.  With five children those years were invigorating to my artistic soul.  My basement was a place to socialize, create, learn; or just watch paint dry as we sipped on coffee.

My desire was always to do more a variety of classes for my students. To teach them more, expose them to new techniques, open doors, and to plant those little seeds that grow into a lifetime of enjoyment.  The idea of a new business, Art & Soul, was a logical next step.  Continuing what I’ve done for many years, Art & Soul is an opportunity for both teachers and students to enjoy art and self-expression while making friendships and accomplishments along the way.


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